Jessica Simpson Purple Yoga Bundle


Go from Downward Dog to Warrior with ease while using the Jessica Simpson Purple Yoga Bundle.  The Jessica Simpson Purple Yoga Bundle includes: 

  • 1 Yoga Wheel - This Jessica Simpson Yoga Wheel is made with durable, non-slip material that is padded for comfort and stability to support you in your yoga routine or stretching before and after workouts. The outer material is naturally antibacterial cork. Roll out muscle tension and roll into new possibilities with this Jessica Simpson Yoga Wheel. 
  • 1 Reversible Yoga Mat - Optimize your workout with the Jessica Simpson 4mm Two-tone Reversible Yoga Mat. The Light, resilient non-slip PVC material ensures optimal comfort so you can stay focused on your workout. The this Jessica Simpson 4mm Two-tone Reversible Yoga Mat ensures the safety and comfort you need to enhance proper alignment and maintain poses and the additional cushioning helps to protect joints.  
  • 1 Set of Ankle Weights  -Want the secret to leaner and toned legs is to add weight for increased resistance in your workout.  Add the Jessica Simpson 2lbs Ankle/Wrist Weight Set to your routine!  These sand-filled weights fit around your ankles comfortably with an adjustable Velcro strap.