EDX Speckled High Density Round Foam Roller


High Density Foam Rollers are great for physical therapy, pre or post exercise, Yoga, and massage therapy. Foam muscle rollers helps to relieve muscles tension and increase muscle reflexology. Made of high-quality expanded polypropylene foam (EPP), this roller can absorb large amounts of energy and has a remarkable ability to restore its shape after being subjected to static or dynamic loading.

Foam Roller is 12" L x 6" W

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Benefits of foam rolling:

  • Alleviates soreness
  • Reduces inflammation that occurs during the muscle repair process
  • Helps injury prevention by maintaining muscle length and remedying tension and tightness
  • Increases blood flow and elasticity of muscle tissue, joints, and fascia — the body’s connective tissue — which helps with mobility, overall well-being, and a smoother appearance of fat underneath your skin
  • Promotes relaxation — roll away your worries!