EDX Coral Core Strength Bundle


<p>Are you looking to switch up your fitness routine or need a few extra pieces to add to your workout style?&nbsp; The EDX by Endurance Coral Core Strength Bundle is perfect for you.&nbsp; This bundle includes:&nbsp;</p><ul><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance Long Performance Resistance Band, Coral -&nbsp;</b>This medium resistance fitness band is great for strength training or physical therapy.&nbsp; Tone and strengthen muscles, the natural rubber gives you uniform resistance whether you're training or recovering.&nbsp;</li><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance Extra Thick Fitness Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, Coral -&nbsp;</b>These ultra thick durable mats are padded to cushion your body and joint, and designed with non-slip surface for traction. Lightweight and portable means it can go where your workout takes you.&nbsp;</li><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance 2-Pack Core Gliding Discs, Coral -&nbsp;</b>Improve your leg and glute strength with our core-strengthening gliding discs.&nbsp; Balance east foot on the 7" disc and us the carpet or smooth floor.&nbsp; Keep your core tight while you exercise for a balanced full body workout.&nbsp;</li></ul>