EDX by Endurance Black Yoga Bundle
EDX by Endurance

EDX by Endurance Black Yoga Bundle

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Are you looking to switch up your fitness routine or need a few extra pieces to add to your workout style?  The EDX by Endurance Black Yoga Bundle  is perfect for you.  This bundle includes: 

  • 1 x EDX by Endurance 10.5" Yoga Wheel, Black - This 10.5" Yoga Wheel is great for increasing flexibility  and ensuring you keep posture in mind when performing Yoga stretches or Pilates exercises.  A non-slip and durable design makes it great for Yogis at all levels. 
  • 1 x EDX by Endurance 2PK Yoga Therapy Balls, Black - Trigger and soothe a variety of muscles in your arm, hand, elbow, neck or leg while doing yoga.  Reduce soreness and knots deep in your muscles with the trigger point stretches and massages.  These therapy balls are durable and portable. 
  • 1 x EDX by Endurance Camouflage Print 5mm Yoga Mat, Black - Camo Printed Yoga mats are padded to cushion your body and joints, and are designed with a non-slip surface for traction, They are lightweight, and are a portable design which is great for Yoga, Pilates, and other workouts.

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