EDX Black Yoga Bundle


<p>Are you looking to switch up your fitness routine or need a few extra pieces to add to your workout style?&nbsp; The EDX by Endurance Black Yoga Bundle&nbsp; is perfect for you.&nbsp; This bundle includes:&nbsp;<br></p><ul><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance 10.5" Yoga Wheel, Black -&nbsp;</b>This 10.5" Yoga Wheel is great for increasing flexibility&nbsp; and ensuring you keep posture in mind when performing Yoga stretches or Pilates exercises.&nbsp; A non-slip and durable design makes it great for Yogis at all levels.&nbsp;</li><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance 2PK Yoga Therapy Balls, Black -&nbsp;</b>Trigger and soothe a variety of muscles in your arm, hand, elbow, neck or leg while doing yoga.&nbsp; Reduce soreness and knots deep in your muscles with the trigger point stretches and massages.&nbsp; These therapy balls are durable and portable.&nbsp;</li><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance Camouflage Print 5mm Yoga Mat, Black -&nbsp;</b>Camo Printed Yoga mats are padded to cushion your body and joints, and are designed with a non-slip surface for traction, They are lightweight, and are a portable design which is great for Yoga, Pilates, and other workouts.</li></ul>