EDX 9 Piece Full Body Workout Kit, Black


The EDX 9-Piece Full Body Workout Kit features a durable fitness mat that is padded to cushion your body and joints, and designed with a nonslip surface for traction. The lightweight and portable design is great for yoga, Pilates, and other workouts. Add a light-impact component to your exercise routine but slipping on the sand-filled weights. These weights fit around your ankles/ wrists comfortably with adjustable straps. Breathable fabric surrounds each 2 lb. weight. Work out while you walk, keeping impact low on knees and joints. The jump rope great for easy or intense cardio workouts. The contoured ergonomic handles feature a comfortable, nonslip grip, and the vinyl rope helps prevent tangling and allows for smooth, freestyle jumping. The Resistance Loop Exercise Bands come in 5 varying resistance levels allowing you gradually work out in a pack that works for you. Our Level 1 Resistance Loop Exercise Band is Extra Light, making it great for beginners while Level 3-5 are targeted for more intermediate and advanced training. The Resistance Loop Exercise Bands are not only a great item to incorporate into any workout, these bands are also a great tool to be used during Physical Therapy to help rehabilitate any injuries.

  •     WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 12mm Fitness Mat, 5 Multi Resistant Loop Bands, 1 Jump Rope, 2 Ankle/Wrist Weights

  •     BENEFITS: Improves mobility and flexibility

  •     CARE: Wipe Clean

  •     GREAT GIFT: For the beginner or for someone who wants the total body workout this is the perfect gift