Jessica Simpson 4-Piece Massage Recovery Set


<p>The most important part of taking care of yourself after a work out is Recovery.&nbsp; With this Jessica Simpson 4-Piece Massage Recovery Set, you will look forward to completing your workout to take care of your body.&nbsp; The Jessica Simpson 4-Piece Massage Recovery Set includes: 1 foot roller massager, Massage Balls and a 7 Roller Ball Hand Held Massager.&nbsp; Target sore muscles on your arms, legs, shoulders or neck.&nbsp; The 7- roller massager targets pressure points and helps improve circulation.&nbsp; The Foot Roller massager contours to the arch of your foot so you can relieve sore feet and muscles.&nbsp; The spikey ball relives tension, while the smooth ball soothes away pain.<br></p>

  •     SET INLCUDES: Foot Roller Massage, Massage Balls, and hand Held Massager

  •     HOT/COLD THERAPY: Control the temperature of your massage balls or foot roller by placing in freezer for 4-6 hours or in a bowl of hot water for 10-15 minutes.

  •     MATERIAL: Massage Balls and Foot Roller are made of a hard plastic. 7- Roller Hand Held Massager is made of flexible rubber backing and has handle to attach to your hand

  •     AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS: Magenta, Porcelain, Pink