EDX Seafoam Beginner Yoga Bundle


<p>Are you looking to switch up your fitness routine or need a few extra pieces to add to your workout style?&nbsp; The EDX Seafoam Beginner Yoga Bundle is perfect for you.&nbsp; This bundle includes:&nbsp;<br></p><ul><li><b>1 x EDX by Endurance Solid 5mm Fitness Yoga Mat, Seafoam -&nbsp;</b>Feel better and look great with a strong solid core.&nbsp; This ab wheel doesn't just work your midsection, it also works your arms, shoulders and lower back.&nbsp; Foam handles, cushion your grip as you roll your way to fitness.&nbsp; Two roller wheels give you more stability and balance during your workout.&nbsp;</li><li><b>1 x EDX Ab Roller Wheel for Core Training, Seafoam -&nbsp;</b>These durable mats are padded to cushion your body and joint, and designed with non-slip surface for traction. Lightweight and portable means it can go where your workout takes you.&nbsp;</li></ul>