EDX Fitness Jump Rope


<p>Tired of the same old cardio routine of running or walking on a treadmill or jumping on an elliptical? The EDX by Endurance Fitness Jump Rope is a great alternative to give yourself a great cardio workout.&nbsp; The&nbsp; EDX by Endurance Fitness Jump Rope is the ideal jump rope for all experience levels and is a great option as an entry level jump rope for anyone wanting to get into Jump Rope as a form of cardio.&nbsp; The EDX by Endurance Fitness Jump Rope is 10' in length making it perfect for jumpers of any height.&nbsp; The EDX by Endurance Fitness Jump Rope also is designed with non-slip grip handles that and lightweight and fit comfortably in your hand.&nbsp; Jumping Rope helps tone your muscles and helps create definition.&nbsp; Use the EDX by Endurance Fitness Jump Rope for just 15 minutes a day to give yourself a full body workout.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></p>

  •     ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE FOR EVERY HEIGHT: When you've got 10 feet to work with, you've got a speed rope that any guy or gal of any height can use

  •     WANT TO GET SHREDDED? Jump rope exercise is the quickest, most effective way to add High Intensity Interval Training to your workout

  •     A PLEASURE TO USE: It's just the right weight to keep a good tempo, and it doesn't kink or tangle. Foam handles ensure a secure grip. Beginners to boxers - enjoy the tools the pros use

  •     ARMS, LEGS AND LUNGS: They all get a workout during a jumping rope session. Your whole body will benefit from this single workout!

  •     MAKE LIKE A KID AND GO SKIPPING ROPE: Fitness can be seriously fun -- just check out some of the amazing jump rope teams online!